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#ifndef _AFUZZY_H
#define _AFUZZY_H

#include <stdio.h>
// source from:
  Leonid Boitsov 2002. (itman@narod.ru)
  C version of Stas Namin.
  This code is a GPL software and is distributed under GNU
  public licence without any warranty.

typedef unsigned int Uint;

#define MaxPatSize (sizeof(Uint) * 8)

typedef struct
      Uint        *R,
      Uint        *FilterS;

      int         Map[256];
      int         FilterMap[256];
      int               k;
      Uint        mask_ok;
      Uint        filter_ok;
      Uint        filter_shift;
      int               r_size;
      int               FilterSet;

void afuzzy_init(const char *p, int kerr, int UseFilter, AFUZZY *fuzzy);
void afuzzy_free(AFUZZY *fuzzy);
int afuzzy_checkSUB(const char *t, AFUZZY *fuzzy);


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